• Our Fearless Leader Returns!

    What does a camel have to do with New Mexico EPSCoR? Click the title to find out!

  • Collaboration at its best at the 2015 All Hands Meeting

    The All Hands Meeting took place in April, and participants spent the day networking & collaborating. Read more about the meeting and see all the pictures on our blog!

  • July Newsletter

    Did you miss our latest newsletter? Read it here! Never miss another update from us again by signing up for our listserv here.

  • Geothermal field trip to White Rock Canyon

    Dr. Laura Crossey and Dr. Karl Karlstrom lead their geothermal class (provided by funding from NM EPSCoR) on a trip to White Rock Canyon in northern New Mexico earlier this March. See pictures from their trip!

  • Cerrato Delivers March Seminar at UNM

    In early March, Uranium team member José Cerrato at UNM delivered a seminar, "Reactivity of Metals in Abandoned Uranium Mine Wastes in the Southwestern US." The seminar included research he is working on with NM EPSCoR funding. Visit our blog to read more!

  • STEMAP 2015 Is Underway

    Our STEM Advancement Program (STEMAP) welcomes 15 students to the NM EPSCoR community. These students will be working for the next eight weeks on research at the main campuses of New Mexico State University, New Mexico Tech, and University of New Mexico.

Energize New Mexico

New Mexico's Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (NM EPSCoR) is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to build the state's capacity to conduct scientific research. Faculty and students from NM universities and colleges are working to realize New Mexico's potential for sustainable energy development. NM EPSCoR is also cultivating a well-qualified Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workforce and supporting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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WC-WAVE Interdisciplinary Graduate Summer Course

In early June, Laurel Saito of the University of Nevada, Reno spearheaded the WC-WAVE Interdisciplinary Modeling Course in Boise,...

2015 Teacher Professional Development Institute

Educators from seven different New Mexico Informal Science Education Network (NM ISE Net) institutions supported the 2015 Energize New...

STEMAP 2015 Is Underway

Our STEM Advancement Program (STEMAP) welcomes 15 students to the NM EPSCoR community this week at New Mexico Tech. These students...

NM EPSCoR joins DataONE

DataONE welcomes the NM EPSCoR as the 28th Member Node to join the federation. NM EPSCoR and DataONE have a long history of...

EPSCoR Sponsors Software Carpentry Workshop

In early May, NM EPSCoR sponsored a Software Carpentry Workshop at UNM. Software Carpentry is a volunteer organization whose goal is...


Curator's Coffee with Marty Kirk, Solar Component Lead

Location: NM Museum of Natural History & Science Albuquerque, NM
NM EPSCoR events (with/without registration)