At New Mexico EPSCoR, we are working to improve the research, cyberinfrastructure, and human resources required for New Mexico to achieve its energy, education, and workforce development potential. The infrastructure and activities of Energize New Mexico are designed to support shared-use equipment, engage new research and community college faculty, and support the STEM pipeline by training teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows. Research findings will be communicated broadly through new partnerships with NM's museum network, a citizen-centric web portal, and vibrant, experiential programs targeting K-12 students.

NMEPSCoR invests in critical facilities, faculty, students and equipment

In addition to the RII-4 award, The EPSCoR jurisdictions of New Mexico, Nevada and Idaho have received a new grant from the National Science Foundation to create a Western Consortium for Watershed Analysis, Visualization and Exploration (WC-WAVE) to advance watershed science, workforce development and education with cyberinfrastructure-enabled discovery and innovation. The consortium will receive up to $6 million over a three year period in Research Infrastructure Improvement Track-2 awards, and the grant will enable researchers to create better models to understand the water resource processes at high elevations that bring water to communities.