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Title: Mitigation of limitation imposed on hosting capacity in low voltage networks by their distribution transformer loading and degradation considerations
All collaborators: Agaba Ame-Oko, Olga Lavrova
Date: Mar, 2024
Journal Article: IET Energy Systems Integration
Title: ±0.15 V three-stage bulk-driven AB OTA with 36 MHzpF/µW and 55(V/µs)pF/µW small and large-signal figures of merit
Date: Oct, 2023
Journal Article: Electronic Letters
Title: Evaluating the Use of Shapelets in Traveling Wave Based Fault Detection and Classification in Distribution Systems
Date: Jan, 2023
Journal Article: IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
Title: Numerical Analysis of Traveling Waves in Power Systems with Grid Forming Inverters
Date: Oct, 2022
Conference Paper: 2022 North American Power Symposium (NAPS)
Title: Exploring the use of Shapelets in Traveling Wave based Fault Detection in Distribution Systems
Date: Feb, 2022
Conference Paper: IEEE Texas Power and Energy Conference (TPEC)
Title: Microgrid Simulation Analysis of Critical Loads: Distribution Planning for Nonhomogenous EV Distributions
Date: May, 2021
Conference Proceedings: 2021 IEEE International Electric Machines & Drives Conference (IEMDC)
Title: Using Electromagnetic Transient Program (EMTP) for accurate prediction of faults location
Date: Apr, 2021
Conference Proceedings: 2020 52nd North American Power Symposium (NAPS)
Title: Cyber Physical Implementation of Improved Distributed Secondary Control of DC Microgrid
Date: Jan, 2021
Conference Proceedings: 2021 1st International Conference on Power Electronics and Energy (ICPEE)
Title: Generator Contract and Transmission Investment Options in Nigeria: Cost and Security Implications
Date: Aug, 2020
Conference Proceedings: 2020 IEEE PES/IAS PowerAfrica
Title: Exploring the Leakage Inductance of Transformers Used in Dual Active Bridge
Date: Oct, 2019
Conference Proceedings: 2019 North American Power Symposium (NAPS)