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Title: Modeling of Inverter-Based Resources for Protection Studies Considering Momentary Cessation
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Title: Ensemble models for circuit topology estimation, fault detection and classification in distribution systems
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Date: Jan, 2023
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Title: A physics‐informed learning technique for fault location of DC microgrids using traveling waves
Date: Oct, 2022
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Date: Oct, 2022
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Title: Exploring the use of Shapelets in Traveling Wave based Fault Detection in Distribution Systems
Date: Feb, 2022
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Title: Impact study of demand response program on the resilience of dynamic clustered distribution systems
Date: Nov, 2020
Journal Article: IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
Title: A blockchain-based mechanism for secure data exchange in smart grid protection systems
Date: Jan, 2020
Conference Proceedings: 2020 IEEE 17th Annual Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC)