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Title: Deep semi-supervised electricity theft detection in AMI for sustainable and secure smart grids
Date: Dec, 2023
Journal Article: Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks
Title: DeepTPA-Net: A Deep Triple Attention Network for sEMG-based Hand Gesture Recognition
Date: Sep, 2023
Journal Article: IEEE Access
Title: A Novel Unsupervised Data-Driven Method for Electricity Theft Detection in AMI Using Observer Meters
Date: Jan, 2022
Journal Article: IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
Title: Detecting Cyber Attacks in Smart Grids Using Semi-Supervised Anomaly Detection and Deep Representation Learning
Date: Aug, 2021
Journal Article: Information
Title: Semi-Supervised Outlier Detection and Deep Feature Extraction for Detecting Cyber-Attacks in Smart Grids Using PMU Data
Date: May, 2020
Book Chapter: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing