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The cyberinfrastructure (CI) of NM EPSCoR is a suite of services, tools, people, equipment and software that connects researchers, educators, computers, and data in ways that facilitate collaboration and enable the generation of new knowledge beyond what any one individual could do alone. Building on previous NM EPSCoR investments in collaboration with the NM Resource Geographic Information System (RGIS) housed at UNM, the current CI plan will:

  1. provide scientists, educators, and decision-makers with easy access to data, information, and models related to EPSCoR research and STEM activities;
  2. promote discovery and use of EPSCoR data and information; and
  3. support improved statewide data and data visualization through virtual collaboration tools.

Our work will focus on improving the data storage and modeling portal to provide the analytic services and user interfaces that will increase its value and utility for researchers and educators. We will also provide new capabilities and integrate new data that will support all of the research teams. We will continue our collaborations with Idaho and Nevada EPSCoR Programs (link to WC-WAVE) to connect EPSCoR work with national networks as well as national and international registries. We will also support collaboration across all of the NM EPSCoR project teams by developing an online analytic and visualization interface that allows users in different places to view and manipulate the same set of data.

The revised Portal with expanded capabilities and enhanced collaboration tools will make it easier for scientists, educators and the public to discover, acquire, and use data, information and learning modules developed and acquired by NM EPSCoR. These capabilities and our commitment to using open source software to support knowledge transfer and discovery will position us to contribute to and benefit from future CI development.

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From the 2016 Super Short Film Festival

From the 2016 Annual Report
From the 2016 Annual Report


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NM EPSCoR contributes its data to the DataONE network as a member node. Through participation in this network, whose mission is to enhance search and discovery of Earth and environmental data, NM EPSCoR is able to reach a wider audience with and maintain high availability of its data.