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High Performance Computing and Data Management Resources

High Performance Computing (HPC) Presentation:
This presentation will cover how to access high performance computing resourcesfor your work in the NM SMART Grid Center, including NMSU’s Discovery Cluster, UNM’s CARC resources, and regional/nationalHPC resources such as Summit (CU Boulder) and XSEDE. All NM SMART Grid Center team members have priority access to 4 GPU nodes and 2 x 3TB nodes at NMSU, and data storage. The presentation will cover how Supercomputing resources can be used for research, how to set up an account to access Discovery resources, and scheduling.

Data Management presentation:
The NM SMART Grid Center project will produce and acquire diverse datasets over the course of the project in support of the individual and integrated research activities. Maximizing the value and impact of these data is one of the objectives of the cyberinfrastructure component of the Center. Achieving this goal requires the following: 1) ensuring that data acquisition and creation is well documented and ensures that data maintain integrity and remain accessible throughout the project; 2) that data are managed within environments that lower the barriers to integration and use within diverse computational environments, including HPC; 3) that the transition of data from active research useinto long-term preservation and sharing platforms is as efficient as possible and result in the preservation of all appropriate project data, and appropriate sharing of research data in compliance with the project’s data management plan. In this webinar,Dr. Benedict will describe the project’s data management requirementsas documented in our data management plan, highlight infrastructure to support meeting these requirements, and outline the technical support and training opportunities that are available to enable the research components to most efficiently acquire, manage, analyze, document, share, and preserve the data that they are using in support of their research objectives.

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Date / Time

February 26, 2020 /12:00-1:00pm




Anne Jakle, Associate Director, NM EPSCoR


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