2014 All Hands Meeting: A Collaborative Success!

Natalie Rogers May 21, 2014

The first All Hands Meeting of the New Mexico EPSCoR Energize New Mexico project was a great success! Over 100 project participants and guests attended to listen to talks on diversity, collaboration, data management, and all 7 components of the Energize New Mexico project. After a wonderful diversity discussion and activity, led by Chelsea Chee and Selena Connealy, and a Data Management presentation by Karl Benedict, participants split up into their respective component groups to discuss their big ideas for the project going forward.

For lunch, participants enjoyed food from Dion's while listening to Dr. Michael Coltrin of Sandia National Labs talk about solid-state lighting as our keynote speaker. After lunch, students from each component then gave 7-minute presentations based on their big ideas from their component groups to the crowd. It was a great way for everyone to learn more about all the research and exciting events happening as part of Energize New Mexico.

Erin M. Beaumont of STC.UNM closed out the afternoon with a discussion on intellectual property. Participants were then treated to a reception and awesome table displays and activities provided by some of the Informal Science Education Network (ISE Net) museums; Some of the displays included dry ice, a cast of a teenage T-rex, bear poop, and more!

If you were unable to attend the meeting, don't worry! We have you covered:

  • Participants were invited to tweet during the meeting using the hashtag #ahm2014. We collected the tweets made yesterday and compiled them in a Storify slideshow below so you can get an idea of the wonderful discussions that occurred. Also visit the Storify page to scroll through the tweets.
  • We recorded all of the 7-minute student presentations, and they will be up on our YouTube page later this week.
  • You can view all the images from the meeting on our Flickr page.

Be sure to keep your eye on the events page for more exciting events coming up!