Fourth and Final STEM Advancement Program!

Natalie Rogers July 28, 2017

For the past four summers, I have visited our STEMAP students at the midpoint of their research experiences at UNM, NMT and NMSU. Over lunch the students share their experiences. For some it is their very first research experience, for others it is the first time they have been given a chance to explore their own research question.

This July, I had lunch with our fourth and final STEMAP cohort for Energize NM. 12 students from across NM make up our most diverse cohort yet.

  • Angel Jordan, Western New Mexico University
  • Elijah Naranjo, New Mexico Highlands University
  • Sam Olguin, University of New Mexico Valencia Campus
  • Shaylene Paul, Navajo Technical University
  • Shantal Smart, San Juan College
  • Javier Ledesma, Western New Mexico University
  • Antonella Riega, Central New Mexico Community College
  • Danielsen Moreno, Central New Mexico Community College
  • Mark Howeya, New Mexico State University Grants Campus
  • Josiah Cleveland, New Mexico Highlands University
  • Krista Robbins, San Juan College
  • Lyman Pinto, Navajo Technical University

STEMAP students began their summer with a week at NMT that is hosted by STEMAP faculty coordinator, Dr. Michael Heagy. Students learn about the Energize NM research, presentation skills, Responsible Conduct of Research training, and more.

From left to right: – top row – Chelsea Chee, Angel Jordan, Shantal Smart, Antonella Riega, Shaylene Paul, and Krista Robbins; – bottom row – Javier Ledesma, Mark Howeya, Josiah Cleveland, Sam Olguin, Danielsen Moreno, Lyman Pinto, Elijah Naranjo, and Dr. Michael Heagy

At the end of July, these students will give presentations on their summer work. In the following areas:

  • Algae for Energy - Algal Cultivation and Extraction Research
  • Spectral Effects on Photosynthetic Water Use Efficiency
  • Osmotic Power Development: Acquiring Energy from Waste Water
  • New Mexico’s Energy/Water Future - Attitudes and Preferences Towards Energy Production
  • Photons to Fuels and Feedstocks: Solar Energy in New Mexico
  • Assessing Uranium Contamination on the Navajo and Laguna Reservations

We are looking forward to hearing what they explored, contributed, and learned with their research teams!