NM EPSCoR Spotlight: Natalie Rogers, PR Specialist

Natalie Rogers March 28, 2017

Natalie at NM EPSCoR

In order to put the focus on our amazing people in the Energize New Mexico project, we are continuing our NM EPSCoR Spotlight series! We feature someone in the project and learn a little more about where they come from, and what they do for Energize New Mexico. This month, we have Natalie Rogers, Public Relations Specialist for the NM EPSCoR State Office. Natalie has a Mathematics degree from the University of New Mexico and has been with NM EPSCoR for seven years. She helps create the face of NM EPSCoR to the public and makes us look good. Learn more about Natalie below.

Where are you from, and what does it look like?

I am from Albuquerque, more specifically the North Valley and the Northeast Heights. Albuquerque is a large, small town. The main metro area is made up of 500,000 people and with the surrounding areas, we are closer to a million people. Even with that population, people here know each other. In the North Valley, I grew up on an acre of land with a goose, two dogs, a pond, and an old house built of terrones along the Camino Real trail.

What is your current role with NM EPSCoR?

I am the Public Relations Specialist. I do all of the social media and most of the blogging for the website. I take pictures of our students and faculty in the field or in the labs. I have made some videos for EPSCoR. And, what ever else is required, like help with presentations.

What has been your most memorable moment with NM EPSCoR to date?

Natalie with her daughter Aurelia on vacation last summer

Even though it has happened recently, I have to say the Site Visit video was the biggest thing that I have done at EPSCoR. It has left a huge impact on me and pushed my career forward in an unexpected way. The idea of doing a video, the process of making a video, learning about our project, the people in our project, being able to going in to their labs and into the field all last year was very unexpected. Then, it all leading to the opportunity of showing the video to people from NSF and at the PD/PA meeting in the Virgin Islands made it memorable as well.

What is one of your earliest and meaningful memories of your interaction/engagement with STEM disciplines?

I have wanted to be an astronaut since I figured out what an astronaut was, when I was about five years old. STEM has always played a big part in my life. My dad is an Estimator for a general contractor, he has done math for his whole professional career. He was always outspoken about doing well in math, keeping up with math, and trying hard. When I was in middle school, I had an inspirational math teacher, Ms. Colburn. She was very encouraging. It was the first time I realized that a woman could be a math teacher, the first time I realized the difference teachers can make. My 6th grade science teacher was also wonderful, Ms. Zanga. STEM has been part of my whole life.