October 23, 2023

Release of Resource Guide for Postdoctoral Researcher Development

workshop participants smiling

Workshop participants at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico

Brittney VDW/NM EPSCoR

By Brittney Van Der Werff


Postdoctoral scholars (postdocs) are critical, but often neglected, contributors to research in the United States. They may be thrust into roles that they feel ill-prepared for, citing a lack of training and mentorship, particularly as relates to professional skills. Postdoc mentors, in turn, are also frustrated by the limited resources available to help them adequately support postdocs in their departments.

In late 2022, an NSF-funded workshop brought together current and recent postdocs, experts, and practitioners from nine NSF EPSCoR jurisdictions for a two-day workshop at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico. Project PI, Selena Connealy, and co-PI, William Michener, led the effort to analyze postdoctoral training gaps identified in a 2021 national survey of postdocs and develop training modules to address those gaps. The fruits of their collective efforts have now been published in a comprehensive Resource Guide for Postdoctoral Researcher Development.

Intended for postdoc mentors, postdoc or faculty development offices, postdoc associations and professional organizations, and others supporting postdoc training including NSF EPSCoR jurisdictions, the guide includes 13 training modules filled with practical tips, resources, and exercises.

You can access the Resource Guide for Postdoctoral Researcher Development here:


What's inside?

Module 1: Careerparticipants in a big room Management

Module 2: Personal Effectiveness and Leadership

Module 3: Work-Life Integration

Module 4: Fostering Creativity

Module 5: Teaching

Module 6: Collaboration and Team Science

Module 7: Facilitation

Module 8: Integrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Module 9: Communicating Science to the Public

Module 10: Proposal Writing

Module 11: Managing Research Projects

Module 12: Data Management

Module 13: Programming


Workshop Participants and Module Authors

Saranga Abeygunawardane, Wichita State University

Heather Balas, Verge Strategies

Karl Benedict, University of New Mexico

Sandra Blakeslee, freelance science writer

Barbara C. Bruno, University of Hawaii

Michele Casella, Nevada EPSCoR

Selena Connealy, New Mexico EPSCoR, University of New Mexico

Todd Crowl, Florida International University

Stephanie Galla, Boise State University

Kevin Gray, Medical University of South Carolina

Ramy Harik, University of South Carolina

Fred Harris, University of Nevada, Reno

April Heyward, South Carolina EPSCoR, South Carolina Research Authority

Paul Hirsch, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Laura Lindenfeld, Stony Brook University

Donna Llewellyn, Boise State University

William Michener, New Mexico EPSCoR, University of New Mexico

Rick Schumaker, Idaho EPSCoR, University of Idaho

Amy Slocum, Delaware EPSCoR, University of Delaware

Gary Smith, University of New Mexico

Jo Ann Smith, Valencia College

Rita Teutonico, Florida International University

Pips Veazey, University of Maine Portland Gateway

Qian Wang, University of South Carolina

Jon Wheeler, University of New Mexico