Trapped Freshwater on the Seafloor

Natalie Rogers July 11, 2017

Mark Person, co-lead of the Geothermal Team for Energize New Mexico, is currently working on a proposal that will fund research to find freshwater in the unlikeliest of places: trapped beneath the salty sea floor. Dr. Person's proposal focuses on drilling off the New England coast for a water sample to determine if there is a reservoir of freshwater hidden below the shelf of Martha's Vineyard.

Two Geothermal Energize New Mexico researchers, Matt Folsom and Jeff Pepin, participated in a study that found the offshore freshwater using similar Magnetotelluric techniques and equipment to the ones they use here in New Mexico to study geothermal processes underground. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is the partnering organization, and you can read more about this research on their Oceanus Magazine website.

Image via creative commons