Water Journal Features Tri-State Modeling Class

Natalie Rogers January 31, 2014
The Journal for Contemporary Water Research and Education just released a special issue (Issue 152) dedicated to the Tri-State Interdisciplinary Modeling Class, part of the Western Consortium for Cyberinfrastructure Development grant. The journal includes articles and case studies by Sam Fernald (NMSU), José Rivera (UNM) and Carlos Ochoa (NMSU), all researchers under our previous New Mexico EPSCoR project. Sam Fernald is currently part of our Social & Natural Science Nexus component team. For your convenience, you can download the full journal in PDF form here; You can also read this issues and several other issues of the Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education at the University Council on Water Resources website. Learn more about the Interdisciplinary Modeling Class on our archived website. NM EPSCoR and the WC-WAVE are offering a similar modeling & visualization education opportunity for undergraduates partnered with a faculty mentor. Applications for the WC-WAVE Undergraduate Visualization & Modeling Network Program are due March 3 - learn more about this awesome opportunity on our WC-WAVE page.