CURENT NSF/DOE Engineering Research Center Overview

Date: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Time: 12:00 - 1:00PM MDT

Presenter: Kevin Tomsovic, Director of CURENT, CTI Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Tennessee


CURENT, Center for Ultra-Wide-Area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks, is a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center that is jointly supported by NSF (National Science Foundation) and the DoE (Department of Energy). CURENT focuses on wide area control technologies to allow high levels of renewables into the power grid while maintaining high reliability. This talk will overview CURENT research and emphasize the need for developing new testbeds to better understand grid modernization. Major grid changes under the new paradigm include: (a) the increasing number of power electronic interfaced devices both for renewable resources and for new loads; (b) the emerging importance of the analysis of the communication network for understanding operations; (c) a more actively controlled distribution system; and (d) new performance requirements for both reliability and resilience. The CURENT approach uses both software and hardware environments to ensure comprehensive testing.

Kevin Tomsovic in a suit

Kevin Tomsovic is currently CTI Professor in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of Tennessee, and director of CURENT, a National Science Foundation and Department of Energy Engineering Research Center. He received the BS from Michigan Tech. University, Houghton, in 1982, and the MS and Ph.D. degrees from University of Washington, Seattle, in 1984 and 1987, respectively, all in Electrical Engineering. From 1992-2008, he was a Professor at Washington State University in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Visiting university positions have included National Cheng Kung University, National Sun Yat-Sen University and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He held the Advanced Technology for Electrical Energy Chair at Kumamoto University in Japan from 1999- 2000 and was a Program Director at the National Science Foundation in the Electrical and Communications Systems division of the Engineering directorate from 2004-2006. He is a Fellow of the IEEE.