Leveraging energy storage resources to improve combined cycle power plant operational efficiency


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Presenter: Dr. Fengyu Wang, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NMSU


The combined cycle power plants (CCPP) are gaining tractions in recent years due to lower natural gas prices and higher efficiency.  CCPPs can also provide flexibility to relieve variability and uncertainties introduced by rapidly growing intermittent resources. Due to complex structure, CCPPs have nonconvex and nonlinear cost curves. However, regional transmission organizations (RTO’s) can only process piecewise linear cost curves due to the computational complexity of RTO’s electricity market models. Approximating nonconvex cost curves of CCPPs using piecewise linear cost curve will lead to inefficient dispatch. The energy storage resources can play an important role in bridging this discrepancy.  This seminar will discuss strategy of optimally coordinating energy storage resources and CCPPs to improve operational efficiency of CCPPs.

Dr. Fengyu Wang, NMSU

Dr. Wang received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University. Dr. Wang has significant industrial experience and was previously employed at Midcontinent Independent System Operator as a Senior Market R&D Engineer. Much of his work has led to scientific publications and patents, most of which have been adopted in practice. He specializes in power system operation, electricity market design, electric energy policy, renewable energy integration, and energy storage.

Tags: SMART Grid