Event Category: Diversity

Female Entrepreneurship: Why Gender Matters

WNM 2022 Brown Bag Training Special - Female Entrepreneurship: Why Gender Matters

Facilitated by WESST Farmington Women's Business Center

Topic: Managing a Business

According to the World Bank, female entrepreneurs make significant contributions to economic growth and to poverty reduction around the world. In the United States, for example, women-owned firms are growing at more than double the rate of all other firms, contribute nearly $3 trillion to the economy and are directly responsible for 23 million jobs.

Managing a Business: Black Men Who Own It

This panel will discuss the positive contributions African American men make in their families, businesses and communities. Connect and engage with those who share a passion for professional and leadership excellence in every field of endeavor.

Attendees will experience impactful speakers and practical information while providing greater opportunities to discuss championing support for black men.

Tribal Clean Energy Summit 2022

What To Expect
This nation-to-nation roundtable discussion between tribal leaders, Secretary Granholm, and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) senior leadership will explore how tribes can harness clean energy to enhance energy sovereignty, addresses climate resilience, and build stronger economies.

Participants will also learn more about key DOE programs and funding, and engage with senior DOE leaders on:

Navigating Through Toxic Work Environments & Effective Written (Email) Communication

ACED will present the following virtual sessions targeting graduating and graduate students who have started or are about to start their professional careers.

Navigating Through Toxic Work Environments presented by: Donya Ziraksari and Ryan Griego

Effective Written (Email) Communication presented by: Donya Ziraksari and Ryan Griego