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STEM Advancement Program

The STEM Advancement Program (STEMAP) engages students from New Mexico’s regional universities, community colleges, and tribal colleges in the research funded by the New Mexico SMART Grid Center at UNM, NMSU, and NMT. Up to 12 students are selected to participate each summer; benefits include a $4,000 stipend, housing, and meal allowance. Academic year opportunities include support to present at state, regional, and national conferences, a webinar series, and continued research activities back at your home campus with a faculty mentor.

STEMAP 2022 Program:

  • Utilize current SMART Grid faculty and students to understand key concepts such as time series processing, adversarial machine learning attacks, and blockchain technology
  • Learn Python, GitHub, and Version Control for data compilation, analysis, exploration, and algorithmic function creation
  • Participate in science communication workshops focused on building skills to effectively engage public audiences, non-scientists, and professional colleagues
  • Participate in professional development workshops addressing research presentation skills and ethics
  • Attend weekly SMART Grid related webinars on various topics
  • Participate in STEMAP 2022 from your home. Optional face-to-face meetings in late summer may be scheduled, depending on the status of hosting universities.

Summer Overview

Students participate in SMART Grid research virtually, meeting on various online platforms including Zoom and Slack. Students are expected to work about 20 hours a week, and are mentored by faculty, technical mentors, and SMART Grid project students.

Orientation Week June 6-7, 2022
Students take part in a week of training workshops. Topics include an introduction to SMART Grid research areas, research ethics, communication, data management, and technical areas such as computer coding and power systems.

STEMAP Research, June 13-July 22, 2022
Student teams work with NM SMART Grid-funded faculty and students at their respective research sites at NMSU, NMT, or UNM main campuses.

End of the Summer Symposium, July 25-26, 2022
Students present their research to their research teams, faculty, mentors, family, and friends.

Summer Benefits! $4,000 stipend, housing stipend, meal allowance, and 3 credits of independent study from NMSU.

Academic Year

STEMAP students may choose to continue their participation through conference presentations, webinar series, and extended research.

Conference Presentations
Students receive travel support to present their STEMAP research at state, regional, and national conferences.

Extended Research
Students continue their STEMAP summer research work with a sponsoring faculty member at their home campus. Sponsoring faculty members are eligible for a $3,000 stipend; students can earn $2,000 stipends


Undergraduate students who will not earn a bachelor’s degree before August 2022, are either a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident, and are enrolled at any college in New Mexico (except for the main campuses of NMSU, NMT, and UNM). Students at all Diné College campuses are eligible to apply. Competitive applicants will demonstrate successful completion of coursework in one or more of the following: computer science, programming, engineering, and/or mathematics.

Application Information

  1. Request or download an unofficial transcript from your current college or university. Save as a PDF.
  2. Find at least one faculty member who is willing to be contacted to provide you with a reference. Make note of their phone number and email address to include in the application. Tell your references to expect an email from NM EPSCoR with the subject line “Reference Request for STEMAP Program.”
  3. Draft and edit your responses to the Essay Questions in a word processing program. You will not be able to save your work and return to complete the application.
  4. Fill out the application.
  5. Review your application before hitting the submit button; your application can only be submitted once.

We will send you a confirmation email and contact your references after your application is submitted.

Application Opens:

January 24, 2022


Application due March 18, 2022


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Application Instructions

Sara Pichette
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