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Networked & Nested Grid-Tied Microgrids

Presenter: Gary Oppedahl, Emera Technologies


Emera Technologies is currently pursuingmultiple demonstration projects of DC microgrids, two of which are in Albuquerque,New Mexico. The first, at Kirtland Airforce Base, networks six duplex buildings, a community center,and a Sandia National Laboratories facility with renewable generation, battery storage, power electronics and controllers at eachbuilding. The project is part of a cooperative research and development agreement between Emera Technologies and Sandia National Laboratoriesand will ultimately test resilience and sustainability of networked DC microgrids. Oppedahl will speak to the motivation for these projects, the benefits of DC microgrid architecture, future plans for deployment, and possible collaboration opportunities.

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Date / Time

October 25, 2019 /12:00-1:00pm




Anne Jakle,


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