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Building Resilience to Drought Through the Soil, May 8

A Workshop on the Importance of Soil Health in a Changing Climate

With another hot and dry growing season upon us, the short- and long-term impacts of climate-induced drought on agriculture and natural resources is becoming more evident. Building resilience in our lands and communities is increasingly important as we continue to experience prolonged periods of drought. Join us for a day of soil health, landscape assessment, and building at Jemez Pueblo! This workshop will address the impacts of climate-induced drought on soil health—the foundation of agriculture and natural resources—and explore ways to build resilience to drought. All participants will leave this workshop understanding the crucial role of soil—one of the most overlooked natural resources—and how and why we must protect and conserve it to build resilience to drought.

Registration is free!

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Date / Time

May 08, 2019 /9:00am-4:00pm


Jemez Pueblo, NM