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The New Mexico Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (NM EPSCoR) is building the state's capacity to conduct scientific research and is training a diverse, well-qualified Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) workforce. We do this through multi-year, federally funded projects that include New Mexico's research universities, primarily undergraduate higher education institutions, national laboratories, and other organizations.

Our current focus is the NM SMART Grid Center, an interdisciplinary National Science Foundation (NSF) project that is pursuing research and workforce training for next-generation electric power production and delivery.

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History of New Mexico EPSCoR

NM EPSCoR was established with a successful National Science Foundation (NSF) planning grant in 2000. The first NSF Track 1 Research Infrastructure Improvement grant was awarded in 2002. For more information on the history of NM EPSCoR NSF funding and research areas, please view our historical timeline by clicking below.

NM EPSCoR Timeline

History of NM EPSCoR, Higher Education STEM New Mexico
Mission & Vision
Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The mission of New Mexico's Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (NM EPSCoR) is to build the state's capacity to conduct scientific research while cultivating a diverse, well-qualified STEM workforce. We envision New Mexico as a state that has achieved self-sufficiency in a sustainable manner through its research and development enterprise, has a strong STEM pipeline between community colleges and the research universities, promotes innovation, new business, and economic development, and is recognized contributors to the national and global STEM research enterprise.

Mission and Vision, NM EPSCoR, Higher Education STEM New Mexico
Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Statement

The diversity of the people of New Mexico has been a source of innovation and creativity throughout our state’s history. NM EPSCoR respects and values diversity of all types, including race, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, education, socioeconomic status, ability, and more. We see diversity as a source of strength, and we strive to create an inclusive, collaborative, and equitable environment where everyone can realize their full potential. NM EPSCoR particularly acknowledges the acute need to remove barriers to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of talented students, faculty, and staff from historically excluded populations who are currently underrepresented.



The National Science Foundation (NSF) Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) supports 25 states, two territories, and one commonwealth in its efforts to build sustainable research and human infrastructure. The mission of EPSCoR is to advance excellence in science and engineering research and education in order to achieve sustainable increases in research, education, and training capacity and competitiveness that will enable EPSCoR jurisdictions to have increased engagement in areas supported by the NSF. Of all NSF EPSCoR faculty hires, 78% remain in their original jurisdictions, creating a return on investment for each jurisdiction.

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People of NM EPSCoR

Research Team Leads
Research Team Leads
SMART Grid Research Team Leads

Research Team Leads

  1. Architecture: Olga Lavrova (NMSU), Ali Bidram (UNM), Jane Lehr (UNM)
  2. Networking: Jay Misra (NMSU), Jun Zheng (NM Tech), Michael Devetsikiotis (UNM)
  3. Decision-Support: Huiping Cao (NMSU), Enrico Pontelli (NMSU), Abdullah Mueen (UNM), Manel Martínez-Ramón (UNM)
  4. Deployment: Ali Bidram (UNM), Jun Zheng (NM Tech), Enrico Pontelli (NMSU), Jane Lehr (UNM)
  5. Cyberinfrastructure: Diana Dugas (NMSU), Karl Benedict (UNM), Patrick Bridges (UNM), Jon Wheeler (UNM)

More About Research

State Committee
State Committee

NM EPSCoR State Committee

  • Jack Jekowski
    Consultant, Innovative Technology Partnerships, LLC
  • Stephanie Rodriguez
    Cabinet Secretary, New Mexico Higher Education Department

University Representatives
  • Luis Cifuentes
    Vice President for Research, NMSU
  • Ellen Fisher
    Vice President for Research, UNM
  • Mike Doyle
    Vice President for Research, NMT
  • W. Jack Crocker
    Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs, WNMU
  • John Montgomery
    Assistant Dean, Liberal Arts and Sciences, ENMU
  • Ian Williamson
    Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Grants, and Contracts, NMHU
  • Ivan Lopez Hurtado
    Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, NNMC
  • Valerie Montoya
    Vice President of Academic Programs, SIPI

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Representative
  • Kathy Keith 
    Director of Community Programs Office, LANL

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) Representative
  • Adele Doser
    Manager, SNL

New Mexico Consortium Representative
  • John Engen
    Director, NMC

State Government Representatives
  • Nora Sackett
    Director, Office of Strategy, Science, and Technology Economic Development Department

State Government Legislators
  • Representative Debra Sariñana
    District 21, Bernalillo County
  • Senator William Soules
    District 37, Doña Ana County

Private Industry Representatives
  • Jon Hawkins
    Manager of Advanced Technology and Strategy, PNM Resources
  • Bill Kipnis
    Senior Project Developer, Avangrid Renewables

State EPSCoR Office (Ex-Officio)
  • Ganesh Balakrishnan 
    NM EPSCoR State Director
Contacts & State Office Location
Contacts & State Office Location

NM EPSCoR State Office

NM EPSCoR State Office Location