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DOE Long-Duration Energy Storage Workshop

This workshop will define the unique challenges of “BIG” (large capacity (>100 MWe) and long-duration (>6 hours)) energy storage for grid applications, increase awareness in the energy storage community, and identify needs and gaps that must be addressed to realize the capability.  

The workshop will bring together researchers, representatives, and energy-storage stakeholders from utilities, industry (U.S. Domestic and International), U.S. Department of Energy, state and local government, national laboratories, and universities. 
The outcome of this workshop will be a summary of needs and gaps (scale and duration), use cases, potential technologies, and a framework for implementation through initiatives such as the U.S. DOE Energy Storage Grand Challenge.

The workshop is free to attendees and participants, though registration is required. 

Date / Time

March 09-10, 2021

Day 1: 11am - 4:30pm
Day 2: 11am - 5:30pm



Virtual Workshop


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