March 16, 2023

NM EPSCoR & NM-INBRE go to Washington

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By Sara Pichette

New Mexico EPSCoR and NM-INBRE (New Mexico Idea Network of Biomedical Research Excellence) just got back from the 2023 EPSCoR/IDeA Coalition and Foundation Annual Meeting in DC, where they networked, spoke to elected representatives, and got more steps in two days than most people do in a month! 

The two-day trip included a series of important meetings with the Coalition and Foundation and New Mexico's House and Senate elected representatives. NM EPSCoR was represented by Gunny Balakrishnan (PI), Sara Pichette (Education and Outreach Coordinator) and Torin Sammeth (UNM grad student).

The visit was timely given the recent passage of the CHIPS Act. The CHIPS Act, or the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) for America Act, is bipartisan legislation that aims to increase domestic production of semiconductors and support American innovation in the technology sector. As a significant contributor to the semiconductor industry, New Mexico is poised to benefit greatly from the passage of the CHIPS Act, and the EPSCoR and NM-INBRE teams' visit to Washington DC was an excellent opportunity to showcase the state's potential and ongoing research.

The Annual Meeting is a national conference that brings together researchers, policymakers, and other stakeholders to discuss current research and funding opportunities, as well as to network and establish new collaborations. This year's meeting was particularly significant, as it was the first time that participants had met in person since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The New Mexico team also met with New Mexico's House and Senate elected representatives. These meetings were crucial for building relationships with policymakers and raising awareness about the groundbreaking work being done by NM EPSCoR and NM-INBRE.

The NM EPSCoR and NM-INBRE teams extends a heartfelt thank-you to the elected representatives and their staff:

The trip was a great success, providing opportunities for collaboration and showcasing  the importance of continued federal support for research and investing in innovation and scientific discovery. The NM EPSCoR and NM-INBRE teams look forward to continuing to advance their research and strengthening relationships with policymakers and other stakeholders.

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