Event Category: National Science Foundation

Making Effective Academic Posters: the #BetterPoster Approach

Scientific posters haven't changed in 30 years, which should be alarming to you (nothing in science should be stagnant). And evidence suggests they are incredibly ineffective. In this talk, you will learn the evidence-based design principles that science has discovered in the last 30 years (since the birth of the Internet) and how you can apply them to create fully-modern scientific posters that transmit your knowledge much more effectively to other scientists, and help you and them have more fun at poster sessions too.

NM Rainforest Forum - I-Corps Mentor Panel

Join us to hear from the mentors of the UNM NSF I-Corps Program, an entrepreneurial training program to explore the transition of a technology to the marketplace. The panelists will share their experiences as an I-Corps Mentor, development of the student teams, and the value of the program to the university. There will be time for questions about the program as well.

Already interested in participating in I-Corps? Applications are now open for UNM teams at http://loborainforest.com/icorps/.

Distributed Energy Workforce – Virtual Summit

The Distributed Energy Workforce at Santa Fe Community College is pleased to announce the Virtual Summit on emerging workforce training opportunities in Distributed Energy Systems.

SFCC’s Smart and Microgrid Training Center has established a program and hired a full-time faculty member to develop curricula, degrees, and certifications in this critical aspect of grid modernization.

Join us to learn about this program, the broader opportunities, and how all New Mexico educational institutions can share and cooperate to maximize the potential.