Effects of Electroculture on Plant Production

Electroculture involves the use of electrical currents to stimulate plant growth and enhance soil quality. It may provide innovative solutions to issues such as climate change and global food scarcity. We will study various case studies and articles, and we're also developing a research experiment to see how using atmospheric electricity in gardens can make farming more practical. Electrical currents generated by the elements of nature can improve soil health, reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that alter the environment. In essence, using this strategy could benefit farmers that have high labor costs and use fertilizers. Despite the positives, the limitations of electroculture will need to be investigated when implementing this strategy on a large-scale farm. Furthermore, research in electroculture is preliminary, thus requiring larger sample sizes and further analysis to understand the mechanisms behind it. We hypothesis that the application of electrical currents will significantly increase soil nutrient uptake, plant growth, and crop yield.