Event Category: Education & Outreach

Innovation Ecosystem Connect (IEC) Information Session

Innovation Ecosystem Connect (IEC), funded in part through a Lab-to-Market Inclusive Innovation Ecosystem award and an award under the DOE OTT EPIC program, is a new online platform that connects you to researchers, businesses, and universities for growth and development.

IEC can connect you to the resources you need to define your innovation, receive technical development support, and find opportunities for expansion, via a smart connection system based on identified needs and capabilities.

Team Research Symposium

Registration is now open for the 2nd annual UNM Team Research Symposium, presented by the Interdisciplinary Science Cooperative and UNM’s Grand Challenges. Faculty, students, alumni, and community partners are encouraged to join us for this special event dedicated to exchanging ideas and promoting more productive research teams.

Navigating Through Toxic Work Environments & Effective Written (Email) Communication

ACED will present the following virtual sessions targeting graduating and graduate students who have started or are about to start their professional careers.

Navigating Through Toxic Work Environments presented by: Donya Ziraksari and Ryan Griego

Effective Written (Email) Communication presented by: Donya Ziraksari and Ryan Griego