Event Category: NM SMART Grid Center Webinar

OPAL-RT Bootcamp

This training will provide an introduction to MATLAB, Simulink toolbox, and Real-time simulation using OPAL-RT Simulator. One week prior to the training students will receive a list of required pre-coursework which instructors will build upon in the December 18th webinar.

2020 NMRS Virtual Conference SMART Grid Center Seminar

The NM SMART Grid Center supports interdisciplinary research on next-generation electric power production and delivery through creation of a Sustainable, Modular, Adaptive, Resilient, and Transactive (SMART) electric grid. During this seminar, four graduate students will present their research on a range of topics.

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Carrots, Sticks and Other "Smart" Tricks in Making Energy Consumption Smarter

Capturing human behavior in engineering models is challenging, in part because humans themselves are challenging. This talk will discuss a series of pilot experiments run with utilities in Vermont, the goals of which were to understand how investments in a smarter grid—primarily advanced metering and distribution systems—could help residential customers conserve energy during peak demand periods.

New Mexico’s Climate Strategy and Electricity Sector Implications

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham issued Executive Order 2019-003 on climate change in January 2019. This order established the New Mexico Interagency Climate Change Task Force and included several policy directives for state agencies to implement. This presentation will give an overview of the 2019 New Mexico Climate Strategy report produced in response to EO 2019-003. We will also cover legislative and regulatory updates from the past few months and provide additional depth and detail on strategy and planned action in the electricity sector.

STEM Advancement Program (STEMAP): Student Presentations & Virual Poster Session

Please join us for the 2020 STEMAP student presentations and virtual poster session!

STEMAP engages students from NM’s regional universities, community colleges, and tribal colleges in NM SMART Grid Center research and training. Students spend 8-weeks working under the direction of faculty mentors at NMSU, NMT, and UNM. The NM SMART Grid Center, an interdisciplinary National Science Foundation (NSF) project, is pursuing research and workforce training for next-generation electric power production and delivery.

Distributed Energy Workforce – Virtual Summit

The Distributed Energy Workforce at Santa Fe Community College is pleased to announce the Virtual Summit on emerging workforce training opportunities in Distributed Energy Systems.

SFCC’s Smart and Microgrid Training Center has established a program and hired a full-time faculty member to develop curricula, degrees, and certifications in this critical aspect of grid modernization.

Join us to learn about this program, the broader opportunities, and how all New Mexico educational institutions can share and cooperate to maximize the potential.

Science Communication: Developing Your Elevator Pitch Webinar

Effective communication is organized, relevant, and engaging. The elevator pitch is your first interaction with a colleague, funder, journalist, etc. The key to a good elevator pitch is to develop a good story and convey it effectively. These exercises are designed to help participants tell a compelling story with strategies that help you develop that story to instantly hook your audience.

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Siemens DEOP – Distributed Energy Optimization Webinar

Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis. In infrastructure and industry solutions the company plays a pioneering role.

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Optimizing Mentorship for your Research Teams

This webinar will feature a presentation by Christine Pfund, PhD, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who studies the science of mentoring in STEMM(science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine). In this webinar, Dr. Pfund will present the current landscape of mentoring in science, summarize the recent National Academies report of effective mentorship in STEMM, share best practices in mentoring, as well as available resources to enhance your mentoring.

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Rio Rancho Public Library Teen Cafe: The Smart Microgrid

Not too long ago, power failures were catastrophic events that would disrupt thousands of families, businesses, and city/state infrastructure. Rudy is a mechanical engineer working to change the structure of today’s electrical grid system to intelligently manage power changes, incorporate sustainable energy, and to increase the efficiency of the current grid. In this Café, you can interact with a 3D model of the SMART Microgrid, play with electromagnets, and create electrical circuits.