Siemens DEOP – Distributed Energy Optimization

Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Time: 9:00 - 10:00AM MDT

Presenters: Bill Kipnis, Philipp Dolch, Marcello Pomponi, and Paul Bennison, Siemens


An overview of the development of smart read microgrids from around the world.

Bill Kipnis - Siemens DEOP – Distributed Energy Optimization

Bill Kipnis, Taos NM

Senior Project Developer for Siemens New Mexico, Smart Infrastructure Division

Private sector advisor to the NSF New Mexico EPSCoR Smart Grid Project. Renewable energy, microgrids, building automation, mechanical system efficiency, and water conservation. University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and Colorado College.

Phillip Dolch - Siemens DEOP – Distributed Energy Optimization

Phillip Dolch, Bavaria, Germany

Siemens Global Product Manager for Cloud-based Services, Smart Infrastructure Division

Sector: Renewable Energy / Hydro & Ocean Cloud based services for Distribution Grid Operators, Retailers, Utilities and Microgrids, Virtual Power Plants, Demand Response Systems, Analytics. Technical University of Munich, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration

Marcello Pomponi- Siemens DEOP – Distributed Energy Optimization

Marcello Pomponi, Milan, Italy

Solution Architect, Siemens Digital Grid Division

Work includes specifications for monitoring and optimization of energy flows within smart grid and microgrids; and developing algorithms to optimize electricity exchanged within a microgrid composed by a molten salt storage and large-scale solar PV. Polytechnic of Milan, Master of Science in Energy Engineering.

Paul Bennison- Siemens DEOP – Distributed Energy Optimization

Paul Bennison, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Business Development Manager – Microgrids

Key solution expertise includes economic dispatch, energy arbitrage, optimization, forecasting efficiencies, protection, control, automation, and power systems design, including real-time load management, grid synchronization and power import export considered. Cranfield University, Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Robotics)

Tags: SMART Grid