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New Mexico Research Symposium

The New Mexico Research Symposium, collaboratively hosted with the New Mexico Academy of Science (NMAS), is an annual conference with oral presentations, a poster competition, and a keynote address. The conference is geared to undergraduate and graduate students from New Mexico’s colleges and universities. Presentation and poster abstracts are published in the New Mexico Journal of Science. View the Journal of Science on the NMAS Website.

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November 2, 2019


8:30 AM - 3:30 PM


Hyatt Regency (330 Tijeras Ave NW, ABQ)


Abstract submission due October 14, 2019
Notice of acceptance October 15, 2019
General registration closes October 25, 2019


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Pavilion Landing

Session A: Chemical, Physical and Energy Systems, Part 1

Room: Fiesta
Moderator: Anton Sumali

  • Kilonova Emissions - Particle-In-Cell Simulations of Mildly Relativistic Outflows
    Mohira Rassel, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Transmission Line Pulser Topology: The Pros & Cons
    Ken Le, University of New Mexico
  • Testing of Multiple 3D Printed Cylinders Against Surface Flash Over
    Nikita Dougan, University of New Mexico
  • Biosensing with Spatial Resolution Using Arrays of Graphene Nanodisks
    Lauren Zundel, University of New Mexico
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Session B: Health and Biology

Room: Pavilion I
Moderator: Jayne Aubele

  • Blood Based Lipoarabinomannan Detection in Tuberculosis Patients: Results from a Double-blinded Clinical Cohort in Uganda
    Shailja Jakhar, Los Alamos National Laboratory and The University of New Mexico
  • Exploring Biochemical Reactions Involved in Taurine Biosynthesis
    Steven Karpowicz, Eastern New Mexico University
  • Fire and Submerged Aquatic Plants: Are Changes To Key Nutrients Lurking Below the Surface?
    Virginia Thompson, University of New Mexico
  • Wolves, Coyotes, Dogs, and Dingoes: The Evolution and Subspeciation of Canis lupus
    Samuel Burke, Ghost Ranch Museums
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Session C: NM SMART Grid Center

Room: Pavilion II/III
Moderator: Anne Jakle

  • Detection and Mitigation of Cyber-threats in the DC Microgrid Distributed Control System
    Binod Poudel, University of New Mexico
  • Iterative Threshold Decoding of Braided Convolutional Codes
    Andrew Cummins, New Mexico State University
  • Detecting Cyber-Attacks in Smart Grids Using Semi-Supervised Outlier Detection and Deep Feature Extraction
    Ruobin Qi,  New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
  • SMART Idea? Willingness To Accept Utility Controlled Thermostats During Peak Demand (Preliminary Results)
    Jesse Kaczmarski, University of New Mexico
  • Property-Relation Binding: Integrating an Optimized Naming Scheme in ICN-IoT
    Casey Tran, New Mexico State University
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Pavilion Landing

Session D: Chemical, Physical and Energy Systems, Part 2

Room: Fiesta 
Moderator: Stephen Jett 

  • Understanding Metal-Ligand Covalency in DMSO Reductase Family Enzymes by X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES)
    Khadanand KC, University of New Mexico
  • Radical Appended Donor-Acceptor Pt complexes: An Ideal Platform for Electron Transfer, Electron Transport, and Excited State Processes
    Ranjana Dangi, University of New Mexico
  • New Oligo-Phenylene-Based Materials in Probing Electron Delocalization for Organic Photovoltaics
    Juchao Yan, Eastern New Mexico University
  • Predicting the Effects of Density Gradients on the Hydrodynamic Behavior of PBX9502 in Shaped Charges
    Irene Fang, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Session E: Economics and Analysis

Room: Pavilion I
Moderator: Natalie Rogers

  • Identification of Technical Analysis Patterns with Smoothing Splines for Bitcoin Prices
    Nikolay Miller, University of New Mexico
  • 100% Renewable-Electricity Demand: A Dream or Dreaming a Dream
    Jamal Mamkhezri, New Mexico State University
  • Adjusted Design Effect Model and Longitudinal Generalized Variance Functions for Survey Data
    Mohammed Quazi, University of New Mexico
  • Does the Solemn Oath Lower WTP Responses in a Discrete Choice Experiment Application to Solar Energy?
    Jamal Mamkhezri, New Mexico State University
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Session F: STEM Education

Room: Pavilion II/III
Moderator: Gretchen Gurtler

  • Tackling Attrition in a Rural 2-year HSI Adaptive Case Study
    Karen Henry, New Mexico State University Grants
  • CISTAR Program at Purdue University: Why teacher's need to engage as active researchers.
    Jerry Cronin, Hopi Junior/Senior High School
  • Heroes and Heroines of Chemistry
    Lawrence Berliner, University of Denver and The Ohio State University
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Keynote Speaker: Gwen Perea Warniment, PhD

Deputy Secretary of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
New Mexico Public Education Department

An Overview of the Goals and Strategic Plan of the NM Public Education Department

Gwen serves as the Deputy Secretary for Teaching and Learning for the New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED). In this role, she oversees three divisions: Educator Quality, Curriculum and Instruction, and Assessment. With a little over two decades of experience supporting public education, Dr. Warniment has taught across the elementary to post-secondary landscape, chiefly focused on bilingual, STEM education.

Before joining NM PED, Gwen was the Program Director for the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation with a portfolio that included direct programming, advocacy and grant making in support of public education. In this role, she directed various initiatives to support teacher retention in rural districts, socio-emotional support systems and professional learning for educators, as well as a consortium designed to build educator capacity in inquiry science and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Gwen is passionate about student voice, culturally and linguistically sustaining instruction, and supporting educators in their reflective practice. She holds a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from New Mexico State University.





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