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Title: Modeling of Inverter-Based Resources for Protection Studies Considering Momentary Cessation
Date: Nov, 2023
Conference Paper: IEEE Innovation Smart Grid Technologies Latin America (ISGT LA)
Title: Ensemble models for circuit topology estimation, fault detection and classification in distribution systems
Date: Jun, 2023
Journal Article: Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks
Title: An unsupervised cyberattack detection scheme for AC microgrids using Gaussian process regression and one‐class support vector machine anomaly detection
Date: May, 2023
Journal Article: IET Renewable Power Generation
Title: Chance Constrained Stochastic Optimal Control for Linear Systems with Time Varying Random Plant Parameters
All collaborators: Shawn Priore, Ali Bidram, Meeko Oishi
Date: May, 2023
Conference Paper: 2023 American Control Conference (ACC)
Title: Adaptive control and management of multiple nano‐grids in an islanded dc microgrid system
Date: Apr, 2023
Journal Article: IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
Title: A Method for Charging Electric Vehicles with Battery-supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage Systems to Improve Voltage Quality and Battery Lifetime in Islanded Building-level DC Microgrids
All collaborators: Seyyed Abadi, Jeewon Choi, Ali Bidram
Date: Mar, 2023
Journal Article: IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
Title: Effective utilization of grid‐forming cloud hybrid energy storage systems in islanded clustered dc nano‐grids for improving transient voltage quality and battery lifetime
All collaborators: Seyyed Abadi, Ali Bidram
Date: Feb, 2023
Journal Article: IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
Title: Multiagent-based Nonlinear Generalized Minimum Variance Control for Islanded AC Microgrids
Date: Jan, 2023
Journal Article: IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
Title: A physics‐informed learning technique for fault location of DC microgrids using traveling waves
Date: Oct, 2022
Journal Article: IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution
Title: Demand and price fluctuations effect on risk and profit of single and clustered microgrids during COVID-19 pandemic
Date: Sep, 2022
Journal Article: International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems