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Title: Simultaneous Demand Response Program and Conservation Voltage Reduction for Optimal Operation of Distribution Systems
Date: Oct, 2020
Conference Proceedings: 2020 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting
Title: A fair electricity market strategy for energy management and reliability enhancement of islanded multi-microgrids
Date: Jul, 2020
Journal Article: Applied Energy
Title: Optimal integration of renewable energy sources, diesel generators, and demand response program from pollution, financial, and reliability viewpoints: A multi-objective approach
Date: Feb, 2020
Journal Article: Journal of Cleaner Production
Title: A Hybrid Optimization Technique Using Exchange Market and Genetic Algorithms
Date: Jan, 2020
Journal Article: IEEE Access
Title: A Two-Loop Hybrid Method for Optimal Placement and Scheduling of Switched Capacitors in Distribution Networks
Date: Jan, 2020
Journal Article: IEEE Access
Title: Code Design Based on Connecting Spatially Coupled Graph Chains
Date: May, 2019
Journal Article: IEEE Transactions on Information Theory