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Event Category: Research

NM SMART Grid Center Research Highlights from Year 2

Brittney Van Der Werff

Every year the NM SMART Grid Center is required to submit three highlights from the previous project year to the National Science Foundation. For Project Year 2, the research themed highlights focused on work by Assistant Professor Ali Bidram and his PhD student Binod Poudel at UNM and advancements by Assistant Professor David Mitchell and his team at NMSU.

Here is what these outstanding team members are working on - summarized in 250 words or less.



New DOE EPSCoR Solicitation: Funding Collaborations Between Researchers

Brittney Van Der Werff
Emphasis: This funding opportunity aims to create basic research collaborations between a pair of researchers, namely
  1. Applicant/Principal Investigator (PI), a full-time faculty member who has never served as a PI on a prior DoD-funded award
  2. Collaborator/co-Principal Investigator (co-PI), an investigator who will provide mentorship to the Applicant and has served as a PI on a DoD-funded research award actively between 1 October 2013 and 30 September 2020.
PIs and collaborators do not have to be in the same DEPSCoR-e

EPSCoR in the Time of COVID-19

William Michener

All of our lives have changed in response to the latest pandemic. With respect to EPSCoR, most of us are working from home and are learning how to social-distance, video-conference with colleagues, and use Slack and other tools to maintain some semblance of normality in our workday. Upcoming EPSCoR meetings such as the All Hands Meeting, NSF Reverse Site Visit and, most likely, the New Mexico EPSCoR State Committee Meeting will become virtual—i.e., Zoom conference calls. In short, our way of life has changed, seemingly overnight and we do not yet see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Give me a Minute: Forecasting Solar Power Generation at the Minute Level

Brittney Van Der Werff

Ever wonder what other team members of the NM SMART Grid Center are doing? You should.

Take the work of Computer Science Assistant Professor Abdullah Mueen, Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Manel Martínez-Ramón, and their graduate students. Recently they developed techniques to forecast solar panel power generation in near real-time and with greater accuracy.

NM EPSCoR Impacts Series: Energize NM

Brittney Van Der Werff

In the world of academia, the proof is in the publications, not the pudding – unless, of course, the publication is on pudding.

In the first year of New Mexico's last NSF EPSCoR project, the Energize New Mexico team produced 18 peer-reviewed publications. As time passed, these numbers predictably increased, with 27 in year three and 49 in year five. Now the grant is over, but papers are still being published.