September 22, 2017

Two New Mexico Faculty Recieve New Funding

By Natalie Rogers

Two New Mexico faculty have each recently received funding approval as Project Investigators on NSF grants.

Kateryna Artyushkova, research associate professor and analytical chemist in the Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering at UNM, received a NSF EPSCoR Track 4 award for her project, "RII Track-4: Operando Analysis of Fuel Cell Materials at Advanced Light Source." The 2-year, $201,677 award began in mid-September and will focus on "the challenge to advance the knowledge of processes and mechanisms occurring during operation of fuel cells at the atomic and molecular levels." You can read more about Dr. Artyushkova on her website, and view the NSF award details here.

Down south at New Mexico State University, Hatim Geli received an Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems (INFEWS) award from NSF for his project, "Towards Resilient Food-Energy-Water Systems in Response to Drought Impacts and Socioeconomic Shocks." The award will total over $840,000 over three years, and Dr. Geli's project "seeks to advance the knowledge of how food, energy, and water components are interconnected, interact, and operate in response to drought and economic shocks, and how humans can utilize these components to meet their livelihood demands in a sustainable way." Social and Natural Science Nexus co-leads Sam Fernald and Janie Chermak are also involved in the project. Learn more about INFEWS here, and view Dr. Geli's award here.