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NM EPSCoR Mentor Awards

NM EPSCoR is seeking nominations for the 2020 NM EPSCoR Mentor Award which recognizes NM SMART Grid team members who demonstrate excellence in supporting students’ academic, research, and career endeavors, and in creating inclusive environments for all students. The deadline for undergraduate or graduate students to nominate their mentors is May 1, 2020. Nominated mentors will be contacted to provide a Statement of Mentoring Philosophy.

Characteristics of Excellent Mentors

  • Have strong interpersonal and professional relationships with their mentees, demonstrating personal traits of accessibility, honesty, empathy, consistency, and patience.
  • Tailor their mentoring styles and content to their mentee’s identity, including adjustments due to culture, ethnicity, gender, and/or age.
  • Demonstrate open-mindedness and create an inclusive environment for diverse students.
  • Work to advance their mentee’s academic, research, and professional goals in directions most desired by that individual, including advising in research, promoting opportunities outside of the classroom, assisting with successful transitions, and paying attention to the pragmatic aspects of career development.

Adapted from Rackham Graduate School (2015); Burroughs Wellcome Fund & HHMI (2006)


Nominee must be a faculty or staff member, post doc, or graduate student who is an active participant in the NM SMART Grid Center.


  1. Nominating student: Complete online nomination form and statement of nomination (up to 500 words). Statement of nomination should address how the nominee exemplifies the characteristics of an excellent mentor. Deadline: May 1, 2020
  2. Nominated mentors will be notified of nomination and a Statement of Mentoring Philosophy will be requested.


  • Demonstration of excellent mentor characteristics (see above).
  • Contribution to the success of undergraduate and graduate students in the NM SMART Grid Center.


Burroughs Wellcome Fund and Howard Hughes Medical Institute. (2006). Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty, Second Edition.

Rackham Graduate School, University of Michigan. (2018). How to Mentor Graduate Students: A Guide for Faculty.


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