Certificate Training in Entrepreneurship

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Bill Michener September 28, 2020

New Mexico EPSCoR is excited to launch its Certificate Training in Entrepreneurship in partnership with the University of New Mexico (UNM) Rainforest Innovations and Innovation Academy. The primary goal of the Certificate program is to introduce participants to intellectual property (IP) generation and management, commercialization, and entrepreneurship and highlight additional resources and training opportunities leveraging the existing programs offered at New Mexico’s research universities. The Certificate program consists of 8 webinar training sessions. The program will launch on October 28 with a webinar featuring representatives from UNM Rainforest Innovations, New Mexico State University (NMSU) Arrowhead Center, and the New Mexico Tech (NMT) Office of Innovation Commercialization, who will provide an overview of the many programs available to students and faculty engaged in research to explore technology development and transfer. The program will follow with 7 self-paced lectures on innovation and entrepreneurship. Upon completion of watching each lecture, participants will complete a quiz. Successful completion of all lectures and passing each quiz will earn them the Certificate, issued by UNM Rainforest Innovations and New Mexico EPSCoR.

The Certificate program is available to all NM SMART Grid Center researchers, post docs, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Because of the online nature of the program, it is also open it to the greater NM EPSCoR community, including students from our regional universities and community colleges. We aim to offer the Certificate program annually for the next three years. Having just completed the Certificate Training, I highly recommend the training to anyone interested in STEM and innovation!  Please join us on October 28th for the official launch of this program.