Making Effective Academic Posters: the #BetterPoster Approach

Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Time: 12:00 - 1:00PM MDT

Presenter: Mike Morrison, Creator of the #betterposter movement


Mike’s webinar will quickly teach you the core design principles that make things engaging (posters, websites, reports, whatever). Then, he’ll show you how he’s applied these principles to scientific posters, both online and virtual, and give you some simple layouts and patterns to try in your own designs. In the end, you’ll hopefully learn immediately-applicable tips that will help you design things that impact more people, and get your science out further.

Mike Morrison NM EPSCoR SMART Grid Center October Webinar Speaker

Mike Morrison is a former User Experience (UX) designer who quit his tech career to become a PhD student in Work Psychology. He says he’s trying to do two things in his career: 1) Bring User Experience design principles to science, to help disseminate knowledge faster and more efficiently 2) Understand the psychological differences between so-called ‘realists’ and ‘dreamers’. He recently released a video introducing a new way to design scientific research posters — which every field in science uses and which are notorious for their bad design. His video went viral, and now scientists across every field in science are trying out his new design — and having more fun sharing their research with other scientists. For virtual conferences, he also released another video on creating animated ‘mini-slideshows’ for sharing research online and on social media.